The Climbing Triangle
The Climbing Triangle
The Climbing Triangle
The Climbing Triangle
The Climbing Triangle
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The Climbing Triangle

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Altretail's Climbing Triangle is specially designed for kids and toddlers keeping the open-ended play in the mind. This kids ladder online in India is strong, foldable, portable (By Adults) and made of natural wood to ensure safe and fun playtime for kids and toddlers. This kids ladder will help your children to challenge themselves and push boundaries. Additionally, this kids climbing triangle help children to understand their body and help them learn their hand and leg movements develop strength and agility.

Altretail's Climbing Triangle is inspired by the concept of Dr Emmi Pikler, a Hungarian Paediatrician. Hence, this kids ladder is popularly known as The Pikler Triangle. Pikler Triangle is a climbing structure specially designed for kids to advocate the open-ended play. Dr Pikler believed that toddler's habit of climbing can help them to guide his or her own motor development skills. This will let children learn things at their natural pace with the independent movements and open-ended play.

The Pikler triangle can be used both indoor and outdoor. This Climbing Triangle ladder is great for children as it let them explore things on their own and understand how their body works and react. Also, it creates an opportunity to challenge themselves and achieve their goal and a great exercise to strengthen limbs and practice leg movements.

Also, kids ladder enhances the creativity and imagination of the children as they can imagine the Pikler Triangle like climbing a tree, a helicopter, a treehouse and much more exciting things while playing.

Once they maneuver the knack of playing with the Pikler Triangle, you could see their progress and imaginative and creative skills to try something new every day.

What is the correct age for buying Pikler Triangle for kids?

It can be effectively used for children as young as 6 months to about 5 years. As an infant, the child may use it as support to lift himself up; and a 4-year-old master-climber may use his kinaesthetic control and imagination creatively for a role play! That said the sturdy steel rungs can even be used to attach play bar accessories for sensory development right from birth. It is safe to say that The Climbing Triangle can be used by the child from birth to 5 years.

Material Specification:

Handcrafted in India, from imported birch ply, the wooden frame is coated with a non-toxic, water-based finish. The steel rungs are coated with non-toxic paint and are completely safe for kids.

This product weighs 8.5 KG and is a solid structure that will not topple with your child's weight.

Assembling & Storage:

Head to our Instagram page or on our website to see how to fix the structure. It is a simple two-step process.

  1. Open the structure, align the sides to form a triangle or A.
  2. Once aligned, tighten the screw.

Simply, unscrew and fold the triangle to store it.