Step Stool - Convertible
Step Stool - Convertible
Step Stool - Convertible
Step Stool - Convertible
Step Stool - Convertible

Step Stool - Convertible

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This unique step stool transforms into a chair for your little one. This encourages your child to be more independent while giving you an extra arm to help them wash their hands, brush their teeth, show them how to help in the kitchen and many more. 

Making a child independent is one of the primary goal in Montessori way of living. Here is another aid from Ariro that will help your child in mastering and controlling her/his actions. Our lovely step stool can be converted into a super comfy chair all by the child herself/himself.

It helps children understand their body better every time they try to sit or stand on the stool hence aiding them in a complete cognitive development. Being able to help themselves will be their first biggest achievement which calms a child and boosts their confidence. The sturdiness of the stool ensures safety and longevity of the product. Painted with child safe pastel shades they will fit into the nursery like a glove.   

46 Cm
38 Cm
3 Kg
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Pine Wood
50 Cm