Plum 10ft Wave Springsafe® Trampoline and Enclosure

Plum 10ft Wave Springsafe® Trampoline and Enclosure

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Plum 10ft FunV2 Trampoline comes with a Springsafe® 2G enclosure separates the jumper from the springs.  Trampoline frame made from steel, galvanised inside and out for additional rust protection and a longer lifespan.  Safety padding covers the frame and springs giving protection during entry and exit.  Metal top rim adds durability to this already safe design.

Maximum User Weight 100 kg.

About The Brand

Plum an UNITED KINGDOM (LONDON) based company focuses on producing toys that are feature-rich and encourage healthy outdoor play for children.  Plum products positively affect kids physical development by increasing co-ordination, balance and strength as well as providing children with years of enjoyment.  From role play to trampolines, swing sets to sand pits, Plum has the toys for boys and girls of all ages.  Made from high quality raw material to make its product more sturdy and safe,almost 5-times better than the available products in the market.

All the products are tested to European safety standards.

Weight  52.700

Package Dimensions (LxBxH in cm) 

120 x 55 x 28 

Product Dimensions (LxBxH in cm)     305 X 305 X 250