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This device is designed to engage and entertain your baby with sounds and lighting effects.

The device has an inbuilt Bluetooth Speaker (with Volume controls) that lets you stream music and sounds from your smartphone or tablet. The device also incorporates an Audio Player that can play preloaded sounds and music for your baby. The device comes with 18 preloaded tracks.

The fascia of the device has an illuminated digital Clock with Timer and Alarm function that offer a simple way to track your baby’s sleep patterns.

The device also acts as a Night Lamp, creating a gentle glow in your baby’s room – providing soft, soothing illumination with 12 pre-set light modes that change from glowing fireflies and wild geese to blossoms and crescent moons.

The device has a playful jar-like design with a handle for convenient carrying; the handle can also be used to attach the device to handles, hooks, doorknobs etc.

The device operates on a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery (inbuilt) that can be charged using a USB Type C Charging Cable (included in the pack).

Weight: 676gms

Dimension of box packaging: 14X14X26cms

Warranty:1 year.