Caterpillar Musical Lacing Beads
Caterpillar Musical Lacing Beads
Top Bright

Caterpillar Musical Lacing Beads

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Top Bright Sensory Toy Caterpillar Musical Alphabet Blocks Lacing Beads. This caterpillar Bead Could play in Various ways Including Bead and Build Blocks.Number element added enable kids have fun Learning.

  • press the caterpillar blocks would make "BiBi-" sound and rotate the sunflower would make "KaKa"-sound.
  • This caterpillar bead could play in various ways including bead and build blocks.
  • Could String out long and Build different shapes as one wishes.
  • Numbers Corresponds with the points,and help babies learn the number easier.
  • The blocks are of Various colors and shapes, and its shapes is cute.