Boost your childs language

Boost your childs language development with 5 steps


Use these 5 stress-free tips to help your child develop their language skills.



One of the momentous milestones your child will reach will be their first word.  Watching them go from having no language to learning new words daily, is so exciting. 


Knowing that we can influence what they learn is one of the most exhilarating roles.  So what can we do to encourage their language development, and show them that talking is a wonderful part of life?


  1. Talk about life to your baby

Quite possibly the best and easiest way to develop language in young children is to talk to your baby about what is going on around you.  It may feel crazy initially, narrating everything around you, but your little one is listening to you all the time. 


Telling your baby what you see, feel and hear, whether it be the colours of flowers, the noise the traffic makes or even what the you’re doing around the house, will expose your child to a wide variety of language every day.


  1. Use real words

Don’t baby it up.  Many people talk down to babies, this is the time in your child’s life is when they absorb the most amount of vocabulary. 


Expose your child to correct terminology and rich vocabulary so as they grow older it comes naturally to them.


  1. Talk to your baby

Give your baby the opportunity to speak.  Ask questions and wait for a response.  Your child may not respond initially but allowing that break lets the child know what a response is usually given and they will be heard. 


If done regularly youll be surprised by how soon your baby starts trying to respond.  It may through a smile or a gurgle, but the response can be understood all the same.


If you do get a response, try mimicking it back so the baby knows s/he’s been heard.


  1. Read and sing

Not only can reading and singing can be the best part of a baby’s day, it also provides a different type of language exposure than just talking.  Rhythm and rhyming coupled with new vocabulary can be highly stimulating for a child, assisting their language retention.


For babies and toddlers include books about everyday life, such as going to the park and dressing, to help in what to expect in their everyday life.


  1. Use a treasure box

Fill a box with 5 to 6 themed based objects and place them within reach of the baby, (animals or kitchen objects are two themes that children consistently enjoy).  As your child is exploring each object name them and their different attributes (colour, size, features).



Helping your child develop their language can often seem daunting, but children are hardwired to learn this skill.  These are just a few tips to help your little one along and have fun alongside!