A new platform brings joy to kids in lockdown

New Delhi, July 2 (IANSlife) Toys are an intrinsic part of a child's formative years. From ancient times they (toys) have been a tool for learning and developing social and cognitive skills. The importance of toys is undeniable in a child's growing years.

When Kiran Rana, a mother of two toddler, shifted to Delhi she experienced a dearth in the quality of toys to cater to her babies' needs.

The Toy Curator boosts of an impressive portfolio of brands from around the world with the likes of Plum, Battat, Alt Retail, Djeco, among many. Not only imported toys but company also sources its products from domestic brands as well.

"The Toy Curator prides itself on promoting/selling domestic brands as well. As long as they are high quality and non toxic, we are happy to keep them in stock. We want what is best for our children and what promotes the best development for our children," says Rana.

The newly launched brand is not only for the kids, but also for busy mums nurturing their little ones. It also has wellness products for mummies in the need of their Zen moments!